Gender Value Chain (GVC) Workshop 

In January 2015, two of Empowered Voices' local leaders - Peninah and Sylvia - alongside project manager Julie Matovu began a one-year long training focusing on gender inequality in the value chain of farming and agricultural businesses.

The year-long coaching exercise, which includes six face-to-face meetings and three joint events, focuses on empowering the local team to better understand and cater to the agriculture market in Uganda. The coaching is intended to assist the participants in developing group marketing expertise and expose them to the farming business realities in Uganda – particularly as a female-led group.

As part of the initiation to the program, Peninah and Sylvia attended a three day intensive program in Kampala. The aims of this first trainings were to:

  • Refresh their knowledge of the concepts “gender” and “value chain development” and familiarize themselves with concepts for gender inclusive value chain development
  • Aquire more awareness and understanding of how gender inequality effects value chain upgrading
  • Practice analyzing value chains from a gender perspective, and apply them in a real life case “in the field”
  • Have an overview of possible tools and strategies that can be used and their pros/cons
  • Identify gender based constraints and possible strategies in their own value chain context
  • Elaborate an initial Gender Action Plan for gender sensitive value chain development at the level of their organization and plan joint learning actions between organizations and programs

Following this initiation, EV coach Pam Reynell visited Kyakasengula in the first of the face-to-face meetings to learn more of the village, the participants' backgrounds and families, and their thoughts on the key issues that keep women behind.

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