The Super Five - on the road in Mubende

What do you do when the roads are bad and bumpy, you don't have a four wheeler and it poured down last night?  You just drive! And when a problem arises you take care of it! Like we did April 1st this year when we drove on the red soil, rural, village roads in Mubende - in the heart of Empowered Voices land - on an important mission :)

We had a tight schedule to reach out to all the people who had participated in the health and livelihood survey we did in 2014. We had promised to bring hoes and other tools as a gesture to show appreciation that they participated and also to follow up on the results form the survey. Although April 1st, it was not an April fool's prank that we got stuck about 25 times!

One time we got really, really stuck and I thought we would have to call for help, but lucky for us we had tools in the trunk and we were 5 strong women to dig, push and maneuver the car. We called ourselves The Super Five! :-) And for good reason - we got ourselves out of every bush, every hole in the ground and every banana field the car so mischievously entered into.

Just one tip: Never place yourself right behind the back wheels when you're on a muddy road and the wheels are spinning - YES, it's true - I got myself a little mud shower and we had to buy me a new dress before visiting the next village :-)