Help Alexander to get a bike! :)

    This man - Alexander - is amazing! :)

    He is one of the most hardworking members of Empowered Voices (EV) - but he needs some help - to buy a bike!

    Why? He collects beans from all the 5 villages that the members have to return to EV after harvest. The beans are sold together for a much higher price than they would get individually. Also, they collect a surplus to give to new members so that the project can benefit more people.

    Alexander is also responsible for EV's publicity and all his work is volunteer work.

    I am starting fundraising for Alexander's bike right now and I hope we can get a lot of support for him!

    If you want to contribute, please, make a donation to this account if you're in Norway (Norwegian bank): 6580.22.75565 (Lene Martinsen, Nordea) and mark the donation "bicycle" or use our Givlet account if you are in any other country