Presentation of the health and livelihood survey at Sub-County level

Photo: Peninah handing over the Health and Livelihood survey to the Chairperson of Nalutuntu Sub-County, Kamulegeya Peterson

Photo: Peninah handing over the Health and Livelihood survey to the Chairperson of Nalutuntu Sub-County, Kamulegeya Peterson

March 31st 2016 was a very memorable day for Empowered Voices. We presented the result from our health and livelihood survey that we conducted in the villages in 2014. It has been a long road from designing the survey, securing funds, collecting data (in the language of Luganda and then translating to English), data entry and cleaning, analyses, report writing and finally making the finished product official and handing it over to the Sub-County after presenting the results.

The survey was very well received and we were encouraged to continue the work of Empowered Voices and expand into certain critical areas like access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities.

We want to share the Executive Summary of the survey here and in the near future we will have a separate page on our webiste where we will go more in detail and explain how this survey can be used to improve the health and livelihoods of the members of the communities.

Executive Summary:

This survey provides deep insight into the living conditions of mainly female inhabitants of the five villages of Kyakatebe A, Kyakatebe B, Namuganga,  Kiwummulo and Kyannamugera in Uganda. The results indicate that the community has many unmet needs and that interventions are required in order to improve the living conditions in order to lift the communities out of poverty. At the same time, the results show that inhabitants have reported good basic health, which means they are able to perform their usual daily lives. This is promising for the current development in the region and means that the inhabitants in these villages have potential to improve their livelihood and that of their families. At the same time, some important areas that needs urgent attention that we would like to highlight are the following: the lack of electricity, issues with sexual and reproductive health, high rates of jiggers, low access to clean water, low rates of healthy kitchen facilities, and low sanitation. The findings also highlight the need for better access to markets sell and produce, information and provide training on environmental conservation techniques.

This survey was supported by International Association for Human Values UK and Norway.

Empowered Voices would like to express our gratitude to all those who have been involved in making this survey come true. A special warm thank you to our survey interview team - 15 brave Empowered Voices members who took on a completely new task and executing it with great care and professionality.