Milly - a role model in Empowered Voices


I want to tell you about Milly. She is the treasurer of Empowered Voices in Mubende and now using her own experience as a leader to inspire others in her community. She was part of the first savings and loans group Empowered Voices started in 2014. These groups save money together and learn to handle their finances in a secure, practical and smart way. She now tells her story to other people in her community to support them to believe in change.

This is Milly's story:

"My name is Milly Katongole, a mother and a wife. I have had a great experience with Empowered Voices (EV). When I first joined EV, my husband was not very supportive, He was usually very skeptical about our activities. He always thought this was a time consuming encounter that makes women unruly!I Eventually I became the Treasurer of EV VSLA - our saving scheme, this totally changed our family status. As a leader, I had to learn to be an example, I learnt the art of saving in every sense; at home in my own box, in the EV scheme, and in other aspects of our lifestyle. This changed our life and the way we view things."

Milly and her husband once had a problem with some bricks they owned that was kept at another farmer's land. This farmer decided to sell everything immediately and Milly's husband had no way to fix this. Milly opened a savings box she had kept at their home and to their surprise the total amount of $85 had accumulated! They were able to transport the bricks right away because Milly had put into practice everything she had learned about saving and finance planning. Milly's husband was amazed! :)

"I continued saving and we later bought a solar system in our house. We access loans periodically and support our children in school and have been able to repay. We usually agree on a particular asset or investment each year. I’m very grateful for Empowered Voices, Bisoboka!!!"

Bisoboka! is Empowered Voices motto - it is a Lugandan word and it means Anything is possible! :)