September 2015: Learning about the power of the market in agribusiness

To get a better grip of the market for agricultural products Peninah and Sylvia (photo above) participated in an event in Kampala organized by AgriProFocus - an international network for farmer entrepreneurship. Through our local project manager, Julie Matovu, the women of Empowered Voices have been connected with AgriProFocus and can join their events and workshops when their finances allow it. This time we were able to support their trip to Kampala and entry fee to the symposium. We're very grateful that Peninah and Sylvia have been able to take time out of their everyday life in Mubende to be part of this.

The title of the symposium was BUILDING BRIDGES WITH AGRIBUSINESS DATA: "THE POWER OF MARKET INFORMATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY" The focus was on the collection of information, sources of information, its analysis, forms of storage and usability within the agribusiness sector. The goal was to look at the role of market information in developing the individual farmers and traders, and AgriProFocus wanted to provide knowledge on where to get market information, what type of information available, and who is providing what. These kinds of events are very important for EV to join as much as they can to get connected in the agribusiness world and find markets for their products. Way to go Peninah and Sylvia!