Successful Kampala workshop on gender inequality in agri-business


As we wrote about in our previous post, two of our Empowered Voices members in Mubende - Peninah and Sylvia - are part of this one-year long training focusing on gender inequality in the value chain of farming and agricultural businesses, together with our local project manager Julie Matovu. During the three days January 27th-29th they have had an intensive program in Kampala with presentations, group work and field trips. The aim of this first part of the training was to

  • Have refreshed their knowledge of the concepts “gender” and “value chain development” and are familiar with concepts for gender inclusive value chain development
  • Have acquired more awareness and understanding of how gender inequality affects value chain upgrading.
  • Have practiced with tools for analyzing value chains from a gender perspective, and have applied them in a real life case “in the field”,
  • Have an overview of possible tools and strategies which can be used and their pros/cons,
  • Have identified gender based constraints and possible strategies in their own value chain context,
  • Have elaborated an initial Gender Action Plan for gender sensitive value chain development at the level of their organization or platform and have planned joint learning actions between organizations and programs.

Both Peninah and Sylvia have been very active all through the workshop and are now working on their action plan for this coming year. We are very excited to see how this program will turn into action in their local community. There are a lot of things to consider and the way these two members convey and share their experience with their peers is of uttermost important. For this we have the expertise of Julie to assist and guide them in this process.