Successful fundraiser with Music and Meditation on January 11th

On January 11th The Art of Living in Massachusetts hosted an evening of Music and Meditation with all the proceeds going to Empowered Voices and our project in Uganda. The Art of Living started a meditation wave in Boston last summer and is continuing to spread the good words about how to use meditation and breathing exercises to manage our stress and negative emotions. We were blessed with awesome music from Siddharth Joshi of Junglee Records and Chuck Foster gave a wonderful introduction to meditation and breathing techniques. Kaley and Lene presented the handicraft business project to an enthusiastic audience. $540 dollars was raised and exciting contacts were made. We are very grateful to all the support from The Art of Living Massachusetts with Neha and the volunteer team putting everything together and making it an unforgettable evening. And to our new board member, Elbert Kim, who is always very helpful in making everything come together.  Thanks a lot guys! A special thanks to Siddharth for his beautiful music and to Chuck for guiding us through amazing meditation and breathing exercises. Photos by Siddhartha Varshney.