Organic Vegetable Market in Kampala


On Saturday November 1st Empowered Voices joined for the first time a big farmer's market in Kampala organized by National Organic Agriculture Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU). Three of the women sold fresh veggies and all went home with empty baskets! NOGAMU is the umbrella organization that bring together organic farmers, processors, exporters and other actors towards organic agricultural development in Uganda. It's a very exciting step for EV to enter this extensive network.

Here is a statement from our collaborator and consultant in Kampala, Julie Matovu:

"It was a great thing to have the EV team exposed to such a high class market. I believe they have a lot to improve and the next time we talk during our meetings, the trio will bear me witness and will also help to pass on the necessary info to others. The market just made my day! Seeing farmers meeting consumers, listening to their needs, determining the prices or bargaining, for that matter! What can be more empowering! Thanks EV US."

Congratulations to Empowered Voices Kyakasengula Women's Association for their first organic market participation and thank you, Julie, for inviting and facilitating for EV!