Kick-off Gender Value Chain workshop in Kampala January 27th-29th

Two of our members in Empowered Voices in Uganda, Peninah Kyomuhendo and Betty Kisaakye, are going to be part of a very exciting training targeting gender inequalities in agricultural businesses and value chains. The year-long coaching exercise, which includes six face-to-face meetings and three joint events, focuses on empowering the local team to better understand and cater to the agriculture market in Uganda. The coaching is intended to assist the participants in developing group marketing expertise, and expose them to the farming business realities in Uganda - particularly as a women-led group.

The training is organized by Agri-Pro Focus in Uganda.

Agri-Pro Focus about the Gender Value Chain workshop:
"Gender inequalities affect the ways in which value chains operate, jeopardizing their competitiveness. Understanding those inequalities is critical to effectively address supply and distribution chain management, upgrading quality and business growth as well as poverty reduction and empowerment of all economic actors. Development organizations as well as agri-business companies need to combine their public and private investments to optimize such opportunities.

This is a video demonstrating the ideas behind Agri-Pro Focus which started in the Netherlands in 2005: