Happy New Year from Empowered Voices!

We hope you all had a wonderful start of the new year 2014! We are very much looking forward to this coming year and have some exciting plans to share with you. We are planning our next trip to Uganda which most likely will be in February. Yes, it is very soon and we will come back with more information so stay tuned :)

We are planning a leadership workshop for a selected group of women that will prepare them to take more responsibility and function as leaders in their community. This is very much needed to support Peninah who is the main leader at the moment but also to strengthen the confidence in the women to trust their own skills and encourage them to take initiatives.

We ended last year with adding a new member to our team - Konstantina Yantsides. She has a master's degree in global health with experience from Kenya and we are very happy to have her onboard. Welcome, Konstantina!

We started the new year by receiving another shipment with handmade jewelry. We got some beautiful new products made of beans and more of the "hit" necklace from the Christmas sale - the short, 3-string necklace with small paper beads (see photos further down). These products will soon be available on our Etsy shop but you can also send us an e-mail if you wanna make sure you get one! These are gorgeous! Click on the photos to get a closer look.

Bean necklaces (first two photos) and 3-string paper bead necklaces: