Fresh organic vegetables produced by Empowered Voices!


In February this year Empowered Voices had a leadership workshop for 15 of our women. Part of the workshop was to observe other successfull projects for learning and inspiration. One such project was to grow organic vegetables to sell fresh at local markets. The women have only grown seasonal crops like maize and beans but in between seasons they don't have anything to sell. Because it rains quite a lot in the area fresh vegetables are perfect to grow and there is an increasing demand for organic produce in Uganda. We noticed that the women were very interested in the organic vegetable project, taking notes, asking questions etc. On their own initiative they have bought seeds and taken their first steps towards organic vegetable production! We are extremely proud of them! With the tremendous support from Julie and her workshops on sustainable agriculture this is a big step for the EV community in Uganda. Congratulations! The products will be sold through Julie and Freshveggies in Kampala. In the future we will look into local markets closer to the villages as well.

Photos of the delicious products: