Cultural Survival Bazaar December 6-8, 2013

Empowered Voices was part of the Cultural Survival Bazaar in Cambridge this weekend. Friday to Sunday 10am to 6pm each day. It was lots of fun to be part of a bazaar with so many incredibel vendors supporting important causes from many parts of the world. We presented our paper bead jewelry and weaved purses made of banana leaves and coconut leaves. Many peopel like our products and some of them bought to give to their friends and family for Christmas. We were lucky to get help from Jackie on Saturday and Katia and JJay on Sunday - thanks a million guys!! :-) Katia and JJay even transported all the goods and equipment back to my apartment Sunday evening - my bike would probably have been pretty overloaded if they didn't so I'm very happy for that :)

In the photo from left: Katia, Lene, JJay.