An autumn full of activities - December report

The year is coming to an end and Julie's last visit to our EV Mubende team was a very satisfying one. Her description of the atmosphere when she came was so facinating to read. The most important activity on the agenda was the start-up of a new VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Assocation) for the village Kivummulo and the members of the ongoing VSLA was going to train the new group. They had already started when Julie arrived and she was so impressed with how confident they were. This is what Julie wrote to us:

"...the super girls: Grace, Milly, Peninah, Dianah and Beatrice were a big asset to me. First of all, it was a great opportunity for me to see (1) they can train their peers; (2) delivering the right content (3) with the required level of confidence. It was perfect! I think one of these days these ladies are going to become motivational speakers. With the VSLA scheme, EV and the entire community is sorted. They already have a working team.

This was a collective effort by everyone of the team including you guys. Peninah spent the night away from her home in Kiwummulo just to make sure things are okay. The local church pastor of the newly built church [Dianah's husband] offered the training venue for free. Dianah convinced him. The participants were so eager that they patiently waited for our team even when we delayed at the bank. They didn't complain. So everyone did something towards the success of the day. Congratulations to you all. "

We're confident that the Kivummulo VSLA group will as big a success as the first VSLA already established and we're excited to enter the new year with the group up and running. Thanks to Julie and everyone for making this a reality!