Somerville Fundraising Event

Thank you all for attending our fundraising event last Friday, November 16th at Third Life Studio in Somerville, MA. We cannot express our gratitude for your immense support and enthusiasm for helping us further our cause. Our event was punctuated with the wondrous musical stylings of Siddharth Mowgli and the entrancing belly dancing of Johara and the Snake Dance Theatre. It was an absolute pleasure to see familiar faces and welcome new ones.We successfully raised several hundred dollars toward our anticipated trip to Kyakasangulu, Uganda and intend on traveling early in the new year. If you missed this lovely evening, not to worry - we shall host another, larger event in Spring 2013. And for those of you stil willing to donate, we welcome any contributions you might have to offer - whether they be monetary or moral support! Feel free to email Kaley or Lene.