Jiggers: Removed!

This summer, Empowered Voices completed its first gift to Kyakasangulu. Though the main objective behind our organization remains to help others help themselves, we wished to start things off by developing a project that would help with an issue that was extremely touching to us, as well as establish a stronger working relationship with our local partners that could eliminate any and all kinks before proceeding with our larger initiatives.

Thanks to the wonderful donations through the International Association for Human Values (UK), Empowered Voices has completed its first project in the village.

150 children have been treated for jiggers (the blood sucking insects). A team of one doctor and two nurses went to the village, Kyakasangulu, on the 24th and 28th of July together with our people in Kampala - Israel, Ruth and Daniel - to treat the children. On the first trip, the team evaluated the situation and make an estimate of how much treatment was needed. They also brought a local shoemaker to measure the children's feet. On the second trip, they treated the kids and provided them with an ointment that they would put on themselves to protect against infections. Last week, the shoemaker completed crafting the shoes and they have been delivered to 150 children. Thanks so much to everyone for their support!

This was our first targeted project in the village mobilizing our entire Ugandan team. Since it was smooth, efficient and successful, we hope to see future, larger projects progress with ease in the coming months.

We are currently in the process of helping the women in the village to launch their handicraft business. Soon we will have lovely necklaces and baskets for sale! How about handmade gifts from Uganda under the Christmas tree this year!  Check back soon for updates!