July 2015: Peninah and Sylvia attend an AgriProFocus event in Kitgum


From July 8-9, Julie, Peninah and Sylvia attended an AgriProFocus (international organization that promotes farmers entrepreneurship) event in Kitgum, Uganda to build upon lessons learned in the year long GVC (Gender in Value Chains) coaching program. The event allowed for networking and knowledge exchanges amongst participants in the GVC. Participants were also given the opportunity to discuss directly with their coaches the strategies that are working well and learn new ways of approaching the value chain development process.

For EV-Mubende, the bean project has been the case study for the GVC process. A total of 39 EV members (28 market negotiations). They collected and sold a total of 2025kg of beans.

At Kitgum, Julie presented the story of Empowered Voices to attendees. She introduced the group’s dedication to ensuring high quality grain and developing new marketing opportunities.

The workshop also highlighted the key points of focus for creating successful value chains including 1) quality, quantity and consistency, 2) targeting the right markets, 3) addressing side marketing, 4) actively involving the middlemen, and 5) differentiating and branding.

We are thrilled that Empowered Voices has been able to participate in the GVC this year and are boundlessly grateful to Julie for ensuring these learned best practices continue to thrive in the communities where we operate. 

Here are some photos shared by Cyril Ducottet from the weekend's event!