Agricultural Projects

In 2013, Empowered Voices extended its programming to include agriculture development in Kyakasengula. With the assistance of Kampala Agribusiness & Sustainable consultant Julie Nakalanda Matovu, EV seeks to bring increased attention to the ways in which its group members manage their crops.

“The Bean Project” has grown from local opinion to invest in growing beans, which are a popular dish in Uganda and a crop that sustains high return rates on investment. In order to successfully turn investment into profit, the women were given workshops on adjusting their use of both herbicides and pesticides, the use of soil, and sustainable techniques in general farming practices.

EV anticipates that the early local success in the agriculture projects will lead to longer term investments to address issues of community health, water harvesting, and local solutions for primary care and land ownership.

In our commitment to transparency in all that we do, feel free to browse the full reports from Juls Consults below:

Report on Prelimenary Field assessment visit
Report on Monitoring Bean project
Report on Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Crop Production